Sex Reflections 

Get Empowered by Your Sexual Values

Get Empowered by Your Values  Do you want to be sexually self-empowered? It helps to know both what you want – and why you want it. The Graphic Sex Project gives you the tools to find your personal pleasure code –  the perfect sexual process that unlocks your way to satisfaction and fulfillment. It’s more

What's With the Cubes

The Graphic Sex Project uses cubes and squares to help people get a new perspective on their sexual values and preferences. Find out how.

Reclaiming Desire

Loss of desire and low libido can be distressing, and hard on a relationship. How can you harness the placebo effect to help kick start your sex life?

Fifty Things to Spice Things Up

Sexual variety can help couples experiencing sexual doldrums. Here are fifty things to try to add more life, spice, and fun into your sex life, and jump start flagging desire.

Sexual Creativity and the GSP

Good sex is itself a creative endeavor – and I don’t mean biologically pro-creative. Being a good lover is so much about thinking of new ways to give and receive. The Graphic Sex Project can help you unleash your creativity for better sex. What other ways are there? Here’s some ideas.

Sticking up for Gloves

Gloves are the butt (haha!) of safe sex jokes, and really hardly anyone uses them – second only to dental dams for least-used safe sex equipment. But gloves a really a super fun toy if you give them a chance. They aren’t just for safe sex.

A Lesson from Gay Men

Straight women experience an “orgasm gap” with men – who else has sex with men that might shed some light? Gay men, of course. I ask a few gay men for insight.

Glasses of Desire

Your level of desire for sex goes up and down. How often do you have sex at your peak desire, and how often when your glass of desire is only half full?

Orgasm Ambiguity: Was That the Big One?

Women’s orgasms are more ambiguous than men’s. They don’t get the obvious “tell” of stuff shooting out of one end. So some women struggle with doubt about whether they are having one.

Going with a Gay Flow

Gay people tend not to use the word foreplay in their graphs — relegating the vast majority of sexual activity to some kind of warm-up band for the headline act. Sex isn’t just penis in vagina intercourse.

Looking, Inspecting, Noticing

A graph-maker starts her story with “inspection” and I wonder if that’s similar to how Orgasmic Meditation starts with “noticing”? What’s the value in starting sex with looking?