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Also try this on a computer with more room to create!

Save and/or Share Your Graph

To get started, click on the shapes to add them to the graph.

First time?

You might want to check out the gallery for inspiration… or read a bit about the project to learn how it can help you communicate your way to a better sex life!

  1. Click a shape on the left to add it to the canvas and tell us what sexual activity it represents. Your label will appear in a legend at the top/left of the canvas.
  2. Drag your shapes around the canvas into whatever pattern represents your story. NOTE: Continuing to click the shape buttons will add as many shapes to the canvas as you need.
  3. When you’re finished with your design, clicking save will give you options to download or send an image of your graph to yourself or a friend via email*.
  4. Optionally, you can choose a story type, add a personal note, and share your demographic information to help people find graphs of people like themselves. As a reminder, all submitted information is anonymous.

Your graph will be added to the public collection unless you choose to opt out.

*After your graph is sent, the recipient email will be deleted from this website — we promise! It’ll probably go to their spam so you might want to give them a heads up

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