Graphically Yours Installation Package



Complete kit to set up your own Graphic Sex Project interactive installation event, specially-designed for university sexual health and wellness programs and sex-positive sex ed. The installation encourages good sexual communication and consent, and helps people gain insight into their sexual values.

It’s interactive to draw people in, PLUS it’s visual and creative to get people thinking and talking.  Participants make “graphs” of their sexual values and preferences using brightly colored cubes. They are encouraged to share these with a partner to start a conversation, and they get tips to make those conversations better. The exercise promotes good relationships and healthy communication around sexual topics.

Participating in the installation can help people better understand what they truly want out of their sexual experience, to be better able to advocate for their own desires. In this climate of prioritizing consent, knowing WHAT one wants is a person’s best strategy for GETTING what they want, and not getting what they don’t want.

It’s a way to alleviate the awkwardness of conversation inherent in sexual topics, and draw out communication around sex in a safe, fun, and open way. The brightly colored cubes de-sexualize sex, so people approach it with their defenses down and playfulness fully engaged.

Here’s what you’ll get in the Graphically Yours Kit:

  • All the materials needed for an attention-grabbing, interactive display of the Graphic Sex Project
  • 100 thought-provoking printed graphs from previous installations, for display
  • A training webinar detailing how to set up and facilitate an installation or workshop
  • TWO engaging and adaptable companion powerpoint presentations with scripts and worksheets for small or large groups: “Your pleasure Code” and “Speaking of Sex”
  • Promotional materials and digital assets
  • Personal consultation on how to adapt the materials to your university’s needs

Graphically Yours can be the centerpiece in your university’s sexual health event… It can be a recurring workshop offered to your students or faculty… it can be a buzz-inducing activity for display in a campus Wellness Center. How will you use it to best help your student thrive?

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