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Graphically Yours can be an invaluable tool for therapist, counselors, and coaches to use in session with their clients. For clients that find it hard to talk about sex, here’s a visual and tactile approach to a difficult topic. The process of graph creation can elicit moments of useful insight for further exploration.  Read what one therapist said about using the kit with clients in her practice…

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Not currently available but coming soon! The Bits Kit! It’s the Graphic Sex Project in handy kit – an invaluable tool for individual or couples counseling, to use in session with clients. Use it to help clients talk about sex, or to help them see their issues in a new light.
Help clients break through embarrassment or shame by making sexual topics deliberately non-erotic, so they can approach sex with their defenses down and their intellect turned on. This is a tool for you and your clients — a useful visual aid and point-of-reference for extended work on sexual issues. The process of graph creation can elicit moments of useful insight for further exploration.


Here’s what one therapist said about using the Graphic Sex Project with her clients:
I’ve used the Graphic Sex Project materials in my sex therapy practice several times in the last year. I don’t use it every day, but certainly when I do, it is powerful!  I like being able to work with my clients in session to explore the meanings of their graphs. I have also recommended the online version for them to use at home on their own.
I have used the materials to illustrate for a couple how brakes and accelerators (Emily Nagoski) work and the differences in arousal and desire patterns. I’ve also used it to talk about foreplay (in any form- not just sexual, for example sitting and having a glass of wine without pressure from partner) can help someone move into arousal and desire. 
As another example, I used the Graphic Sex Project with someone individually to explore their relationship with their body (for self-image purposes as well as sexual). I encouraged them to notice when they start feeling aroused (either by looking at porn or reading erotica) and how they move through different stages.  This was particularly of interest for someone who likes to “get in and get out” masturbate and has not given a lot of time/attention to what arouses them and what feels good.
The materials are versatile enough to use in a variety of ways depending on my clients needs.  — Jennifer Greenberg, LICSW, LCSW-C, CST, CSCT
Use it as creatively as you would like in session with a client. Let your experience and your professional wisdom be your guide in how your clients might benefit the most from a new perspective, or a bridge into a difficult topic. For clients that have trouble talking openly, or putting words on intimate topics, this could be a useful tool.
The Graphically Yours kit includes:
  • Two white board creation pallets
  • 160 magnetic cubes in 10 colors
  • 8 icons (various shapes)
  • 6 white board markers
  • 50 cards with ideas for graph creation
  • A sample page of graphs for illustrating process with clients
  • Pamphlet of suggested uses in session
  • Tips for work with individuals, couples, or groups

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