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Sticking up for Gloves

Sticking up for Gloves 

Gloves get a bad rap. They are the butt of every safe sex joke (yes, pun intended). A doctor putting on a glove is always good for a laugh in movies. (Ahhh! They’re gonna put their finger up the butt! hahhahahah!).

I’m not going to talk about safe sex. You can read about how great they are for that here

I’m going to write about how much fun they are. They are a great sex toy! They can morph into a thousand different shapes to stimulate all your parts in thousand different ways (hand not included).  Here are a few of the great things about gloves:

  1. Super soft and silky. I like the nitrile ones – smooth like an expensive vibrator. It’s a really nice contrast with bare skin.
  2. Smooths over rough skin and nails so nothing touching your tender parts is sharp.
  3. Really adaptable for all body parts – great on the outsides and the insides
  4. Makes anal play easy if you feel a little squicked out. When you finish with that part the gloves comes right off – hand is all clean! To be really rocking it, have another glove ready underneath the first.
  5. The anticipation of watching someone put a glove on is delicious.
  6. The added fun of NOT having to worry about cuts on hands, cross-orifice infection, and other STI risks.
  7. They don’t absorb lubrication like hands do, so everything stays nice and slippery.
  8. They are super cheap – a box of hundred for $8

So get over all the butt and body shame inherent in all the proctologist jokes and glove snickering, and get a box of gloves for a new fun thing to play with.