A Provocative Interactive Installation for Sex Positive Events

People struggle to talk about sex. Social and religious taboos, shame, embarrassment, confusion, lack of sex education -- many things contribute to the silence. The Graphic Sex Project installation seeks to bring sex out of the shadows, and place in a context of joy and delight.

The interactive installation is a multi-layered experience that is both voyeuristic and self-exposing. Visitors can experience the Project at whatever depth they feel comfortable. Simply viewing the gallery of "graphs" is a eye-opening celebration of the beauty and diversity of the human sexual experience. Visitors may also choose to make their own graph -- to contemplate their own sexual values and preferences in a new and enlightening way, perhaps to add their perspective to the collection, or to send their graph to a partner to start a conversation. The experience can travel far beyond the moment, with the participant's graphs sparking dialogue with their partners and opening lines of communication.

The primary material of the Project is disarmingly simple - 1 cm colored cubes. Brightly-colored and toy-like, the process deliberately makes the sexual nonsexual, so people can approach it with their defenses down, and a playful spirit engaged.

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You can bring the Graphic Sex Project to your sex positive event! It's perfect for your university's sexual health and wellness event, your organization's sex education functions, your adult-themed party, event, or fundraiser, your sex-positive convention or meeting.  For large events, it's a buzz-inducing centerpiece. For small groups, it creates a focal point for intense revelation and group interaction. 


Graphically Yours is the Graphic Sex Project in a DYI kit with a license to use it for one year. It is everything you need to set up and facilitate the Project yourself. You can run it easily with just a few people. The installation package comes complete with the materials you need to set up the display and the graph-making station, as well as promotional materials, a training webinar and personal consultation, and two companion workshops. Great for peer educators.

Cost $3,200. Sliding scale available for universities and non-profits


I can do it for you! The artist and designer, Jennifer Beman, in person at your event to install and facilitate the Installation and companion workshops.

Cost $4,200 for set-up and one day facilitation, $800 each additional day, plus travel and lodging. Negotiable according to your needs.